• Texas Society of Architects Convention, November 8, 2013. Gave a talk and tour at the Westside Water Treatment Facility, a public art project for the City of Fort Worth

  • "Artists' Eye" gallery talk, Kimbell Art Museum, October 1, 2011. The event was moderated by the museum's deputy director Malcolm Warner.

  • "Julie Lazarus" by Micaela Gallery, Copyright 2007, 2008 by Micaela Gallery, Micaela Gallery 333 Hayes St., San Francisco, California 94102. Introduction Babette Bohn, Ph.D. and Giovanni Franco Regina, gallery owner Murano and Venice

  • Radio interview, WRR 101.1 FM Classical Radio, "Art Matters" with Sharon Benge, January 14/18, 2007. Benge interviewed me about my influences and annual work in Venice, Italy, making glass sculptures and paintings.

  • Some Life Comes in Darkness And In Light, a book of photographs of my paintings, coupled with poems written by W.L. Hendricks celebrating the installation of the Rildia Bee O'Bryan Organ, honoring pianist Van Cliburn's mother October 1996. Lecture, questions, music composed, poetry written and read along with a slide show of my paintings during a special service composed in my honor in the Sanctuary at Broadway Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas.